Healthy eating shouldn't be complicated. 

I believe in eating whole, real food and paying attention to how your body reacts to what you eat. I will guide you as you discover how to eat to nourish your body without rigid guidelines, rules or diets. 

Intuitive Eating, gut health, and digestive disorders are some of the main focuses of the practice. 


Phone Consultation

Contact me to set up a free 15-min phone consultation to see how you want to proceed in your nutrition journey. I am happy to answer any questions about how my practice works! 

basic package

The basic package includes a 50-min initial consultation plus one 30-min follow-up session. We will work together to determine your goals and action steps based on your current lifestyle, diet and nutritional needs. Text and email support are included as you begin to make changes to your nutrition journey.

Cost is $200

Follow-Up Packages 

Building on your goals and action steps is the best way to keep growing and changing. Necessary adjustments will be made and we will build on the base we set during our first two meetings. Consultation packages include email and text support in between sessions.

1 Follow-Up $75

Pack of 3 Follow-Ups $210

Pack of 5 Follow-Ups $340

Food sensitivity testing is available in packages as we will walk through a series of diet changes to calm the gut and heal your body. 

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